Friday, September 2, 2011

Sims Social Things I Do In My Boxers: Talking To Plants

Hey guys,

Welcome to my Sims Social Things I Do In My Boxers series! In these posts, I will tell you more about the different activities I do around my house wearing my boxers!

Hope you enjoy my posts and please leave your suggestions in comments!

As you read in the title, this post is about talking to plants. Yes, in the Sims Social, people do talk to plants!

To talk to plants, you will have to upgrade to Level 2 of the Insane Trait. Click on any plant and choose chat. You can talk to trees, flowers, plants in pots, shrubs. However, you cannot talk to any type of weed.


Here I am, talking to a plant in my blue boxers!

You don't really have to be wearing boxers to chat with plants, but it is more fun... I think.

We want to see you talking to plants in boxers. Wear your coolest boxers and and take your picture talking to plants. Then, email it to! Your pictures will be featured on the Sims Social Lounge :D