Friday, October 28, 2011

Sims Social Players Complain About Blue Circles & Start A Club!

 Sims Social players are not very happy with the return of the blue loading circles that appear when they log in to the game instead of the house items. Player Limeaid started a club dedicated for this issue!

With the ever growing Blue Circles, and other errors that are going unfixed, I do believe it's about time we make a club! In this club we can complain to our hearts content about all of the stupid things (Blue Circles) that the Sims have created, to drive us nuts! Here are the Rules:
1. Complain all you want.
2. Scream if you want to.
3. See rules 1 and 2.
I, for one, think that if we form a club, we just might be heard.........~maybe~ in the mean while, I FREAKING *HATE* THESE (**&(^* BLUE CIRCLES!!! I also believe that the Sims *really* DON'T want us to finish these tasks/quests!

Sims Social player Barnabus Bathory created the very cool logo and illustration below for the club! 

Are you having the blue circle issue?