Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sims Social Team Apologizes For Quest Grass Issue

The Sims Social released an official apology for the grass quest issue.

" Firstly, just let us say we are sorry to everyone that is having difficulty with this week's quest due to having no grass to cut. We know how frustrating this must be. We did not realize until the quest went live that so many players would have cleared the grass already.

But we’ve learnt from it and for any future quests that ask you to do this we'll be bringing in a new function whereby you can visit your friends’ house to cut their grass too. This will make it loads easier for everyone.
Please note: this will not be a permanent change on player's gardens.

We also have some more daily quests with great rewards coming very soon that you'll be able to get your teeth stuck into."

Here are free 500 Social points from EA http://bit.ly/zA3mOc