Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Where Do You Play The Sims Social?

  London, Paris, Tokyo.... Show the world where you play the Sims Social and get featured!
  EA has started the Plumbobs Around The World Campaign and asked users to print a plumbob, go to a cool location in their cities and pose holding the plumbob above their heads. There are some cool pictures already and you can send yours!
 Where are you going to stand? The pyramids? La Tour Eiffel? Tell us in comments!

Therefore, we think it’s time for you to show us where you play!
Want to get involved? If so, follow the simple steps below: 
1)   Print off this Plumbob 
2)   Head to a cool location near you (this can be as original as you like!)
3)   Hold the Plumbob above your head and take a picture
4)   Upload your picture to our Tumblr
Taa-daa, you're done!