Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sims Social Team Littlehaven Quests Guide

Sims Social Team Littlehaven Quests come with the new Sims Social Sports Week theme. There are 5 quests that will win you a cool Nacho Sombrero hat. Check the helpful guide by Aude06 below.

Day to complete : 7
Number of steps : 5

Minimal required

  • 7 neighbors
  • 2 friends (to send you request, since it's only 1 per day per friend, to complete in 7 days, needs 2 friends)
  • 1.000 social points
  • 10 stopwatches
  • 6 hope
  • 10 memory upgrade

STEP 1 :
  • Post an ad about the event [Click on your mailbox and post and ad, you can do it at home only]
  • Tell 5 Sims about the trials

STEP 2 :
-Have the Simiyoga Mat or the XRunner 3000 [Simiyoga cost 1000 social points and the runner isn't in shop yet, probably coming Monday and will be more expensive]
-Get athletic skill star [Skill on athletic item until gaining level / 5 energies to gain the first level]

STEP 3 :
-Sleep on 5 different beds [Home or Neighbors, click "Extra sleep" action]
-Have 10 stopwatches [Ask friends -in game request-]
-Go for a PB [Use runner at Bella's, it means "personnal best", you don't success each time]

STEP 4 :
-Research rock paper scissors strategy on computers 8 times [Home or Neighbors, can be done all on same computer, but gets bored after two times, to save time, do it twice at each neigbor you visit]
Have 6 hope [if you don't have it, post to wall] 
Beat 7 sims at rock paper scisors [Go to neigbors]

-Phone intrnet providers 8 times and try to get faster connection [Home or neighbors, can use same phne many times]
-Have 10 memory upgrade [If you don't, request to friends]
-Win online Rock paper scissors matches [At home only]