Friday, March 23, 2012

Official Sims Social Career Guide

A grand feature arrived this week to the Sims Social! The Sims Social careers allow you to choose a job for your Sim and win cool prizes. EA created a helpful guide about this new feature. Check it out below!

Step 1: Click on the brand new careers icon!
You’ll see this as a button next to your Sim’s face in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. This is where you will always be able to access careers.
Step 2: Pick a career!
You have a choice of careers to pick from. Each one takes you on a different journey with different rewards to collect! You can move your mouse cursor over each reward to find out more about it.
Step 3: Choose a job to do!
Earn simoleons and, more importantly, Career Points that help you work toward promotions, by completing jobs from your new chosen career.
All you have to do is select a job you want to perform and then make sure you’re back in time to collect the rewards.

In the meantime, you can close the window, but make sure you keep an eye on the icon next to your Sim’s head to see how much time remains. 

When the appointment is ready, you’ll see the bag with a tick mark next to it. 

Top tip: Make sure you arrive for work in time! Punctual Sims get double Career Points!
Step 4: Go to Work!
Now, you can click on the “Go to Work” button. You will need to use 1 to 3 energy to activate this.
You will then see an animation of your Sim at work and your rewards appearing:
Notice that sometimes you’ll get a special collectible when you go to work! These “Career Tokens” are specific to each career. They are special because you can use them on special jobs. 
This special job gives you a lot more coins and Career Points. Remember, these tokens will sometimes drop from doing other jobs in your career! So if you need more, book more tasks.
As you complete jobs, you’ll get better and better at it. Your mastery at a job is shown by the number of stars. 1 star means you’re pretty good, 2 you’re better yet and 3 you’re freaking amazing at this job. The reward for getting stars on each job is - of course! - more earnings. So you can get more Career Points and Simoleons for each mastered job.
Some jobs are special! You’ll need to collect tokens to be ready to do these special jobs but the rewards are super worth it! Arrive on time and the rewards are even better!
Step 5: Get Promoted!
As you earn Career Points, over time you’ll work your way up to a promotion! When you do, you’ll be presented with a quest to see if you’re ready to climb up the ranks in your chosen career!
DID YOU KNOW? If you have reached a quest promotion, you will still be able to book a job: just click on the jobs tab! However, you will not earn any Career Points. You must complete the quest promotion to continue to earn Career Points!

Each Career Level is divided into 3 Steps. So you will need to get promoted 3 times to get to the next Career Level. Look out for the I, II and III levels in each icon - this will tell you how far you’ve come in your current role before your big promotion!

When you get promoted, you’ll get the following prompt!
Upon getting promoted to a different Career Level (like from Air Guitarist to Karaoke Singer), you’ll earn special exclusive skill items, clothing, decoration items and even special skill-enhancing traits!
NEW Traits!
When you reach the 5th level of each Career, you will unlocks a new trait that you can use to earn more simoleons when you work on skills related to your career! So now working on your burger flips will help you earn more simoleons when you cook at home, too!
… That even before you reach a promotion quest, you can preview the next promotion before you start it - AND see the reward? This is a great way to prepare! Just click the Promotions tab to see more!
Step 6: Work hard - PLAY hard!
Whether you’re on the fast track to becoming the greatest rock star of all time or you’re making use of your cooking talent, everyone will be doing something different! Tell your friends about your Sim’s ambitions and see who gets to reach the top of their careers first!