Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Sims Social Anniversary: Quest Guide

1 - Close Encounters of the Tiki Kind
  • Have 1 Birthday Card
  • Have 1 Delicious Morsel
  • 'Propose Toast To Sims Social!'
Look out for Loot Bags and Presents that will begin to appear in your yard and click them to harvest Birthday Cards. You can collect Delicious Morsels by doing eating interactions. A SwigSpot Patio Bar is the perfect place to propose a toast! Buy one from the shop or visit Bella’s house to find one, then click it to 'Propose Toast To Sims Social!'
Finish this quest to get an Anniversary Edition Fountain not available in the shops!

Day 2 - Greatest and Latest
  • 'Mock Her Silly Majesty'
  • Have 2 Goodwill
  • Have 1 Pixelated Bath Towel
Find a LikeLife Inflatable Castle, either in the shop or in Bella’s house, and 'Mock Her Silly Majesty' all you like! Get Goodwill by doing helpful things for other Sims or by asking for it as a gift from friends by clicking the “Send Gift” button (the green gift image at the top right of the game screen). If you haven’t already, buy a Pixelated Bath Towel by click the “Clothes” button at the bottom right of the game screen.
Finish this quest to get a Gaia PartyPal Rosebush not available in the shops!

Day 3 - French Toast
  • 'Admire European-ness'
  • Have the SwigSpot Anniversary Edition
  • Buy an item from the new range
Bella’s got herself a brand spanking new Scidaddle City Scooter! Visit her house to admire it... wouldn’t it be awesome if you had one, too...? The SwigSpot Anniversary Edition is on sale in the shops, just waiting for you to take it home. Open the shops and buy any item from the new collection.
Finish this quest to get a JuzLukAtmi PINK Fridge not available in the shops!

Day 4 - Harvest Soon
  • 'Pound Happily'
  • Wish 3 Sims a 'Happy Sims Social Birthday!'
  • Harvest 1 Purple Flower
The stresses of the day taking their toll? Find a SupaHapiTime Piñata at Bella’s house or buy one in the shops and ‘pound’ the Piñata! Wouldn’t it be nice to spread the joy? Visit 3 Sims or ask them over and click on them to wish them a 'Happy Sims Social Birthday!' Plant a Purple Flower in your plot and harvest it after 2 hours.
Finish this quest to get a Sittin' Perdy Bird Cage not available in the shops!

Day 5 - Knight Time
  • Have 1 Candle
  • 'Forsooth! My Fair Steed!'
  • Have 2 Muse
Objects are going to appear in your yard which you can click to get a Candle. Click on a Scidaddle City Scooter in Bella’s house and then 'Forsooth! My Fair Steed!' Art and music are so inspiring, aren’t they? Collect Muse by doing art- and music-skill actions. You need 2 to complete this quest.
Finish this quest to get an Anniversary Edition Dragon Tower.

Day 6 - The Broth Of Zeus
  • Have 3 Red Essence
  • Harvest 1 Chili
  • Have 2 Fury
To get Red Essence, you click on things that are red (of course) and then ‘Harvest Essence’. Plant a Chili in your garden plot and harvest it. You’ll have it in no time – only 8 hours. ^_^ Annoyed by the wait? Take it out on other Sims by doing mean interactions to get Fury.
Finish this quest to get a My Purple Pal not available in the shops!

Day 7 - Fangs For The Memories
  • Earn 200 simoleons by writing
  • Sing ‘Happy Birthday’ 3 times
  • Ask 3 friends to celebrate The Sims Social's birthday!
Who says writing doesn’t pay? Collect 200 simoleons by doing writing-skill tasks. Nothing like a song to raise your spirits, we say. Visit 3 other Sims or ask them over and sing ‘Happy Birthday’. Post a feed to your wall asking your friends to celebrate with you. Have at least 3 of them click it to complete this quest!
Finish this quest to get an Anniversary Edition Writer's Desk not available in the shops!

Complete ALL the quests to get a Scidaddle City Scooter! (Head over to Bella’s to see what it looks like!)

Collectibles you’ll need this week:
Anniversary Bar
Admiration (5), Birthday Cards (26), Butter Pat (9), Buzz (8), Candles (26), Cocktail Umbrella (4), Culture (16), Delicious Morsel (3), Dreams (8), Egg (5), Entertainment (6), Fruit (9), Fury (4), Goodwill (8), Hope (3), Hype (1), Ice (20), Leftovers (8), Love (10), Milk (7), Muse (10), Nutty Snack Bar (3), Party Hats (19), Peach (6), Plans (14), Relaxation (6), Spoonful of Sugar (2), Vanilla (6)